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One thought on “Connect

  1. I LIVE for the The Sewing & quilt Expo to come around each Spring! I always attend all 3 days, and nothing could keep me away!! The classes, the world-renowned teachers who are just so full of expertise and so inspiring, the booths, the chance to meet so many other sewists….all the “stuff” to buy….it”s wonderful! It”s fun! It”s just the thing I need in order to give my creative energy a boost!

    In 2012 I went to the “Winter Edition” of the show in Tinley Park. While smaller than the expo in the Spring, it was still a LOT of fun, and the classes were fantastic! I hope that it eventually grows to be as big, in terms of vendors and visitors, as the show in Schaumburg. Having a Sewing & Quilt Expo twice a year? For me, that”s kind of like having a little bit of Heaven on Earth!

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