A One-Woman Quilt Show

Expo instructor, Jean Ann Wright, is being honored all during the month of February with a one-woman quilt show sponsored by the Paulding Fine Arts Association in Dallas, Georgia (yes, Georgia). The PFAA is housed in an historic 19th century courthouse in downtown Dallas. The show is in the restored courtroom.

Jean Ann is known for her innovative strip piecing techniques and for the Creative Grids® trim tool rulers she has designed to make sewing strip pieced blocks faster, easier, and more accurate than traditional methods. Her no-math, no-measuring techniques are simple enough for beginners and variations in making the blocks are appealing to experienced quilters.

Wings, the quilt on the left shows the versatility of combing two trim tools to make one quilt. Waterfall, the quilt on the right uses the original Log Cabin Trim Tool. Both quilts incorporate Jean Ann’s innovative color “wedgies” to insert slivers of color to break up the straight lines of the log cabin blocks.

Jean Ann’s adventures into strip piecing began with three miniature quilts in traditional designs. They are Courthouse Steps, Log Cabin and Chinese Coins.

An overview of the courtroom shows a larger view of the quilts in the exhibit.

Jean Ann will be giving a program for the PFAA meeting on Tuesday night February 25th at 7 PM. The meeting is open and guests are welcome to any quilters in the area who would like to come. www.pauldingfinearts.org

What a great honor, Jean. Congratulations! See more from Jean Ann at the Expo this spring, including Baltimore, Atlanta, and Schaumburg!

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