Sewing It All in the Make-It-Center

Here’s a sneak-peak of what’s to come this spring in the Expo Make-It-Center.

Look at the cute new project featured in the Make It Center at the Expo in Atlanta and Schaumburg!

Right from the set of Sew It All TV series 700, this really cute, handy, fully-lined To Go Box Zippered Bag, made with luscious fabrics from Westminster Fabrics and thread and zippers from Coats & Clark.

We recently had a “test sew-in” at the Expo office and had 100% success. It was so much fun to sit and sew together. We have lots of different sewing levels among our Expo team. And, yes, even Holly finished hers!

At the Expo in Atlanta, stop by the Make It Center and sew with Jessica Guiardino from Sew It All TV and Sew News Magazine. In Schaumburg, sew with Beth Bradley from Sew It All TV and Sew News Magazine.

They’ll guide you through the project and share the latest news from the TV show and magazine as you sit and sew at one of the great new sewing machines provided by our generous machine sponsors!

Just drop by the Make It Center. It takes about 45 minutes to complete the bag and you’ll learn a lot! And have fun! And you can make more at home!

Everyone will want one – and everyone needs one! Don’t forget the guys in your life, too. They are great for sunglasses, electronic cords and plugs, spare change and whatever else goes along with your friends on the go.

Join the Make It Center festivities in Atlanta and Schaumburg this spring! See you there!

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