Sewing Machine Shopping Advice

Cindy, staff member of the Expo, shares with us her (not-so-secret) secrets of shopping for a sewing machine at the Expo!

1.       Sign up for Workshops before the Expo.  There’s nothing like actually sewing a project on a new sewing machine to see if the machine meets or exceeds your expectations.  Not to mention that you’ll learn some fun, new techniques along the way.

2.       Make a wish list… what do you have trouble with on your current machine?  What do you wish it could do?

3.       In the Expo Exhibit Hall, ask for demonstrations to compare features.   Use the Expo Program you’ll receive when you arrive at the Expo to locate sewing machine dealers quickly.  Bring a notebook and pen to take notes.  The Expo is your chance to compare all major brands with the convenience of everyone being under one roof.

4.       If you sew on specialty fabrics at home, bring some scraps of fabric with you to check out how a new machine would do the job.  Leave your project at home, though; focus on the machine at the Expo.

5.       Ask if there is an Expo special price or special financing offer.  Be prepared to take advantage of special opportunities offered only at the Expo.  Have a budget in mind, but be flexible.  Bring along any family members you might need to help with the decision.

6.       Be open minded.  Perhaps there are new features you weren’t even aware existed that would make your sewing easier or more fun.  Test drive the “heated seats and heated steering wheel”.  Someone once asked me, “Why should I buy a new sewing machine when my 30-year-old machine works perfectly well?”  I asked if she had bought a new car in the last 30 years.  “Of course,” she said.  When I asked, “Why?”, she said, “Because new cars have new features” (the CD player, heated seats, etc.).  It’s the same thing with the sewing machine industry.  She loved to remind me of this story as I would continue to see her over the years to come.  She bought a top-of-the line sewing machine, and never looked back.  In fact, she traded up to the next top-of-the-line when it came out.  Her enthusiasm for sewing definitely turned a corner that day.   J

7.       Ask about a trade-up policy.  What happens if you don’t buy “X” model today, but decide you want it tomorrow?

8.       Ask about operation classes and warranty service.  Are classes offered at a time that will fit your schedule?  Will you be able to repeat classes if you want?  Is there a local service person if needed?  Are other classes available for a fee if you want to learn more?

9.       Establish a connection with your local dealer that will go beyond the Expo.  Remember — you are not only paying for a sewing machine… you are also paying for your dealer’s knowledge and experience.  Only an independent sewing machine dealer will spend time to make sure you are comfortable with your new sewing machine and answer all of your questions.  This value for you is priceless.

A special thank you to our sponsors and dealers that provide machines for us in the classrooms! Our sewing machine sponsors include:

Husqvarna Viking
Baby Lock

Visit for more information!

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