Sewing ABC’s and 123′s

Thread is  one of the most basic things you need for any sewing or quilting. There are all-purpose threads, cotton quilting threads, bobbin threads, hand sewing threads, upholstery threads and they all come in a wide array of colors.

There are so many kinds to choose from, but how do you know which is the best thread for your project?

Thread is sold by weight. But what does THAT mean?

The answer can be confusing because a finer thread has a higher weight number than thicker thread. It seems confusing, until you know how thread weight is calculated.

The thread weight is determined by how many meters of thread it takes to weigh 1 gram. It takes more yards of fine thread to weigh one gram, so finer threads have a higher thread weight.

For example, it takes 70 meters of 70 weight bobbin thread to weigh 1 gram.For a 35 weight thread, like Coats Cotton Covered Dual Duty XP™ All Purpose thread, it takes only only 35 meters of Dual Duty XP thread to weigh 1 gram.
Dual Duty XP is suitable for most hand and machine sewing.

Thanks to Coats & Clark for helping us learn more about thread and for generously sponsoring all the sewing thread used at Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in the classrooms and in the Make It Center.


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