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Oticca Beamer, creator of FIt & Fashion, is going to share some of her stellar sewing expertise with you! With over 40 years of fashion garment sewing experience, let her share her passions with yours! Come visit her in Schaumburg this March to catch all of the industry tricks!

FIT & FASHION….you CAN have both!

“Wow, I can’t believe how easy this is!”….which is the typical reaction I receive from the many students who have taken my Fit & Fashion pattern classes.  I love showing how easy it is to design patterns to fit your measurements.  Most everyone who loves fashion sewing struggles with fitting issues.  Commercial sewing pattern alterations can be very tedious and time consuming, not to mention knowing the correct way to actually make the alterations!  We developed the Fit & Fashion system to address and resolve these fitting issues.  By combining the knowledge of slopers and pattern grading, the Fit & Fashion templates (Dress, Pant and Shirt) were born.  All of the garments for your wardrobe can be designed with these three templates.  There is also a Children’s Template for those who love to sew for the children in their life.





Bodice Front Template





Shirt Front Template

Sewing enthusiasts are interested in being able to cultivate a beautiful, unique look on their own.  And looking good makes you feel good. That’s why we’ve created a variety of pattern design templates to help you give your fashions a unique touch while ensuring that your garments fit your personal measurements.  Designing your own patterns is the ideal way to create your individual style and achieve a fabulous fit – every time!

The key to the Fit & Fashion system is our exclusive Sizing Template.  This fabulous tool is used to mark your personal measurements on a master pattern template.  Then, all you do is connect the dots to get your own personalized foundation pattern.




Your foundation pattern is used to design all of the patterns for your wardrobe.  Your creations will fit because they are designed from the foundation pattern made specifically for your shape and size!  The instruction booklets contain step-by-step illustrations for all of the styling techniques.  We are currently working on instructional DVDs to partner with our template instruction books.  We are very excited about this endeavor.  The first DVD will cover our Dress Template!  DVDs for the Pant Template and Shirt Template will follow soon after.  We expect to release all three DVDs before the end of the year.

In addition, Fit & Fashion Design Sheets provide illustrated, step-by-step instructions for achieving the same look of many fashions found in commercial pattern books.  Beginning with your personalized foundation pattern, you will be able to design each look with a perfect fit just for you!  Here are just a few examples of the Design Sheets currently available:













See more from Oticca in Schaumburg! Register for her classes today, including:
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See you in Chicago!

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