Let’s Have Some Stitching Conversations…


We’re excited about Nancy Shriber being the featured guest blogger today! Check out more from her at the Baltmore Hunt Valley Expo next month! Here’s an in-depth look at her Stitching Conversations event that’s happening during the Expo. You won’t want to miss it.





How do you start your day?  Perhaps the better question is how do you end your day?  Like many of us, some of my days offer an opportunity to “start” at such a frantic pace that I know I would be playing catch up until the point of exhaustion.  I know that this type of a day will not offer an opportunity for me to feel creative, to be productive, or feel that I am in charge of my life by any stretch or effort on my part.

So, how do I find a way to prevent that from happening?  Join me on Thursday evening, March 6 and let’s just relax, sip a little tea, talk, and sew.  I find the physical act of picking up a piece of cloth, threading a needle, and taking a stitch, or two helps me settle, breathe deeply and relax.  We have been provided with a very unique opportunity this year, at this venue, to come together and experience something wonderful – a discussion with fellow sewing enthusiasts, an opportunity to share, do a little stitching and bring closure to our active day of learning, shopping and visiting.  Don’t miss this opportunity to stop, breathe deeply and stitch.


Who’s excited? What a great way to un-wind! Thanks, Nancy.

See what else Nancy is teaching. Sign up for these classes today!
Sashiko: The Original Slow Stitch
Sashiko: Creating an Artful Garment 

For more classes and information, visit www.sewingexpo.com!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Have Some Stitching Conversations…

  1. I took a Sashiko class with Nancy at a Clearwater, Fl. expo a few years ago (as a kindness to both of us, I won”t say how long ago!). Not only did I learn a new skill, but a new approach to hand stitching and relaxing as I enjoy my time with a needle and thread. I highly recommend her classes and her outlook on creative endeavors. Wish she were coming to Lakeland this year. Anything that reminds us to enjoy our art is perhaps the best “lesson” we can learn. Enjoy Nancy, you taught me a valuable lesson, and a few nice stitches at the same time.

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