Add Some ‘Magic Dust’ to Your Quilt

If you’re an avid ‘The Maker’s Experience’ blog reader, you’d know that Nelly Vileikis and her¬†Almost Whole Cloth¬†class was featured in a post last fall.


Well, here’s another (re-vamped) look at Nelly’s new and improved version of the class! She’s offering the class in Lakeland, Florida! Be sure to check it out!

Here’s a step-by-step look at what the class will consist of:

1. Start from a pre-made kit.

2. Press everything and understand where each piece goes.

3. Stitch the pieces together, then press.

4. Throw in some ‘magic dust’, as Nelly calls it.

5. Adding more ‘magic dust helps you decide what to quilt on your piece.

6. Let the magic happen!

We all have the power to produce ‘magic dust’! Sometimes we just need a little help.

Come to Nelly’s class and she will help you release your magic!

Check out all of the classes and workshops, and see more of what Nelly’s teaching in Lakeland at !

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