Delightful + Fun: Felted Zipper Art Pin!


Expo teacher and staff member, Tammie Cambell is sharing the makings of her fun, new hands-on workshop for 2014, Felted Zipper Art Pin! The office is simply delighted with these amusing zipper shapes. Sign up for Tammie’s Expo class today!




If you’re like me, you like to try many different ways to use ordinary things.


Come join this fun class where you use simple craft items and your imagination to create a one of a kind piece of art to wear anytime.

You’ll be doing some hand sewing, felting, gluing and cutting.

Let the zipper guide you and the colors are yours to pick. Embellish with beads as you like and at the end of class you will have a wonderful piece of art.

You can manipulate your zipper into whatever shape you’d like!

Delightful, don’t you think? The kit is provided in the class, and you’ll leave with a finished product to share with your friends!

See Tammie and her other classes at all of the Expo locations!

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