Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Atlanta Expo!


Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is excited to see you in Atlanta, GA at the Gwinnett Center March 13, 14 & 15, 2014!

You can take Classes & Workshops, explore quilts in the Display Gallery, and check out other Features and Events at the Expo!

Value Package A includes 6 class sessions, 2 days of general admission and an Expo shopping bag! Yay!

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75 thoughts on “Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Atlanta Expo!

  1. The Expo offers a perfect getaway as participants are emersed in fabric projects and inspiration. I will be there again this year!

  2. Your Expos are sooooo much fun. Everyone is having a wonderful time, shopping, learning, talking with each other. Thank you, I know it is not easy, but attendees do appreciate it.

  3. I take vacation time just to attend this Expo. I LOVE it! I always learn new things and find new ways to make my sewing and quilting more fun.

  4. Can”t wait. Already signed up…if I win, I could always take more classes. My 43 year old son decided he wanted to learn to sew, so I taught him the basics last March. He has signed up for 10 classes. I”m so excited.

  5. Can not wait. Hopefully I will be able to attend again at a different location to pick up more classes, skills and ideas.

  6. I would love to go to Atlanta Original Quilt & Sewing Expo. I have been going to
    Birmingham & have plans to go back this year. Please let me win!

  7. For the first time in 15 years i will not be attending for all three days. I will be there on Saturday with the Bham chapter of the Am. Sewing Guild. My 8 year old grandaughter wants to come so we will come on Sat. With the guild group.

  8. Would LOVE to win this package to Expo! Have attended once in the past and learned so much! Thanks for a chance, Beth in AL

  9. I have only been quilting for almost 2 years and am interested in learning to sew. I would LOVE to win a free class. Thanks for the opportunity to win. Either way I will be at the expo with my friend and my daughter.

  10. I will just be getting back from Northern Minnesota from a Machine Embroidery Retreat, so a couple days rest and I will be ready to head to the Expo. I love looking at all of the quilts and the vendor booth always have something new to offer. So pick me…. would love to win this package.

  11. This Expo is such an inspiration to Quilters and Non-Quilters alike. I am so inspired when I go and leave with ideas and memories. Well worth the money and time.

  12. I am hooked on the Expo! I love attending to see all the displays, demos and new items. I like taking friends and family. Last year I was able to share with my Mother and Sister from out of state!

  13. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the EXPO!!!!!
    I will be there even if I don”t win because it is so wonderful!
    Can”t wait to attend the fab classes and enjoy the shopping!

  14. I REALLY want to go to this…would love to check out some long arm machines and some new quilt ideas…can”t wait hope I can make it!

  15. I thank God for Atlanta Original Sewing and Quilting Show in Atlanta I DECLARE A BLESSING UPON THEM IN JESUS NAME Because they help QUILTER EXPRESS AND SHOW THEY SELF AS ARTIST

  16. I am beyond excited. The Sewing Expo is my yearly booster shot. I love everything about the expo; the classes, vendors and the whole atmosphere. Each year I go I bring a new person, one who has the same passion for sewing as I do and who can understand why I love it. Choosing my classes now and I just can”t wait.

  17. Love the Expo!! Several years ago (my 1st time) I learned so much that I forgot what I had learned until…years later I was sewing and a thought came to me of a different way to do my project. I did it and it worked!! Then as I was looking through my notes from a few years before that I found out where “my idea” had come from. I keep learning more and more from the Expo and look forward to this year all the more.

  18. I haven”t missed one since I moved here after Katrina. It”s always so much fun with such lovely products and the beautiful quilts displayed.

  19. I am thrilled to be going to the Expo! This is my first time attending and I look forward to all the classes and sights. Thanks Expo!!!

  20. I dream of one day being able to attend one of these. How I hope to win this and fulfill one of the things on my bucket list!!

  21. I always look forward to this weekend…it is a time I get to spend with my mama!! I love, love, love to sew but I enjoy the time with my mama who taught me everything I know about sewing!!

  22. I”ve been going for years. It”s delightful fun to wander the market floor, seeing, touching, and smelling all the new and exciting products that have to do with sewing. Normally several of us from our church quilting group go together… what fun. See you in a few weeks. K

  23. I am so glad to see this at the Gwinnett Center again. I missed going to this as it was so much fun, but to far away last year. Thanks for bringing it back.

  24. I am excited about this giveaway, and the Expo in general!! This will be my first year going, and I am interested in all of the fashion sewing. I decided I would commit myself to sewing my wardrobe instead of buying new clothes this year, so I can use a lot if information on helping me perfect fit and techniques. I am sure I will also take away a lot of inspiration!!

  25. The Sewing & Quilting Expo is the BEST of the BEST events. I look forward to this every year and tell all my friends about all the fun they missed.

  26. Haven”t been in years. Would love a mini vacation now that we”re empty nesters. Have twin daughters, one in college and one in the marines.

  27. I enjoy the Expo and make it a point to attend every year. Always something new to see, something new to learn, and something new to buy. The Expo is where I bought my embroidery machine which resulted in a renewed interest in sewing. I keep coming for more inspiration. Can”t wait!!

  28. My mom has been going to this for years…she never told me about the classes that were available. I hhave a BFA in fashion design but could use some classes to refresh or relearn some things.

  29. What fun! The Expo reminds me of my favorite verse from our beloved Dr. Seuss…”You have brains in your head, you have feet in your shoes, you can steer yourself in any direction you choose!”

  30. go every year , such a retreat!!! classes, inspiration, and ideas – what more could you ask until the quilting expo that is !!!!!!!!!!!!!


  31. I love this chance to see all the new techniques and products on the market. I have attended for many years and each year is like the first-I just love it.

  32. I Love, Love, Love the Expo. The number and variety of vendors gives me choices far beyond any other Quilt show. There are always new ideas and new trends to discover and experience! it”s my Great Getaway without leaving home!

  33. Can”t wait for Expo! Such inspiration! Great fun to be with all the people that enjoy sewing/embroidery/quilting!! Oh to be so talented!

  34. The Expo is always delightful. I have not been able to attend for a couple of years. Would be exciting to get there again this year. The dates are much better for my schedule.

  35. What a retreat as we don”t have a lot of sewing expo”s would love to be able to go and take the classes and see what is new and available for 2014

  36. I am brand new to Florida and can”t wait to attend for the first time!! I am always looking for new inspiration and honing my skills!!

  37. I”m really looking forward to attending this year for the first time. Last year, I saw my next door neighbor return home from the event on cloud 9. She said she had been to Georgia for a sewing and quilting expo and it was like being at a “sewer”s heaven”. I made sure she invited me to come along this time!

  38. Would love to win! Have not been able to drive to Atlanta but this year one of my daughters is off and going to take me. Love to win. Am anxious to view the sewing and especially the quilting. Mother tried to teach me, “to busy” she has passed and I look loving at her quilts – all hand quilted. Now I have the time and want the lessons. Very excited about this year.

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