Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Baltimore Expo!


Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is excited to see you in Baltimore, MD at the Hunt Valley Inn March 6, 7 & 8, 2014!

You can take Classes & Workshops, explore quilts in the Display Gallery, and check out other Features and Events at the Expo!

Value Package A includes 6 class sessions, 2 days of general admission and an Expo shopping bag! Yay!

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44 thoughts on “Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Baltimore Expo!

  1. I love to quilt and am ver excited about the expo. I have been unable to attend a guilt show yet, but hope to attend this one. Alisa

  2. The Sewing Expo is not to be missed. The instructors are all top notch, and they are so excited about their crafts. They are just as animated and dynamic on the last day as they are on the first day. If you need inspiration, instruction, or you just want to have fun, put all three days of the Expo on your calendar. I wouldn”t miss it! I bet it will only take one day at the Expo for you to agree with me!

  3. I have been to shows for a few years when it was held in Chantilly, Va and I really enjoyed it. I took some classes where I learned many new skills. I gained a lot of inspiration at those shows. I look forward to the Expo every year.

  4. I usually attend the fall expo in the DC area. I am wondering how Hunt Valley will compare – It”s far enough a drive that I could go for a day… must think on this a bit more.

  5. I have attended three of the Expo”s two in Virginia and one in Maryland. I love learning from the very experienced/qualified instructors. I also love shopping for notions, books and materials that I don”t normally see other places. When the Expo comes near my area I just feel I have to be there, I love going to the classes and takeing as many classes as possible. I also enjoy being with other people that have the same interest I do. Keep up the good work, organizing the Sewing and Quilting Expo.

  6. I see new things listed for the spring. I am so excited and can hardly wait to take on the new challenges. I have been saving ever since I went to the expo in Fredericksburg, Virginia last year. I have been eyeing the bernina 750. I was really impressed with the ease of it and hope to find one for sale at this years expo. Thanks for all the great opportunities to play and learn. See Ya There!!!

  7. I would like any comments from people who have been to these expo”s this is my first and would like a little inside information on what to expect. I have Viking embroidery DDD, Babylock serger. I”m still new to it but learning

  8. I attended this event several times when it was held at the Chantilly VA facility. Looking forward to this year. The classes look interesting and it will be nice to see what is new in the sewing world. Not sure if it will be easier or harder to get to the Baltimore site. I guess it depends on the traffic, weather and the time of day.

  9. Ive been attending the quilt expo for the last 5 Yeats in Chantilly Virginia and have just moved to Florida and am looking forward to going to the Lakeland one now that Im down here.

  10. Everyone, whether a newbie sewer or an accomplished quilter, always walks away with a tip or a trick to add to your “sewing tool box.” The show is always managed very professionally!

  11. I LOVE attending the Expo. The past few times I have gone I have volunteered an an Ambassador. It would be really fun to take whatever classes I wanted to and spend several days there with lots of time to wander the exhibits and booths. I also would write about it on!

  12. I have not been to expo yet. I love to quilt and learn new things about quilting. I tried to attend last year when you had one in Fredrickburg ,Va. But had an emergency and had to cancel. Maybe I will be able to make it this year. Hoping to see you then.

  13. What an challenging and fun learning experience – and an opportunity to meet friends who also have a love for creating with needlework! Thanks for the opportunity to win an excursion 😄

  14. I love going to the Expo every year. It”s a great place to get materials that I normally can”t get locally. I also get many new ideas. Very inspiring and fun.

  15. I am so glad you moved the show to a location where there is free parking. There are some wonderful quilting classes available, so I am hoping to be the winner. :-> If not, you”ll still see me. Can”t wait!

  16. We make comfort items for military patients and dependents that are going trough cancer and infusion treatment at the local military hospital. Military Heroes Comfort Project have applied for non profit status. We make quilts, slippers, lap blankets, bags to hold toiletries, chemo hats, soft stuffed animals, also various knit and crochet items at military hospitals in the United States. Is there a way to advertise for donations from attendees? Also is there a way for retailers to talk to vendors regarding wholesale prices at the show? We would love to attend any and all classes! We would like to know if we could forward any of your information to our volunteers and post your information on our Facebook page or have an app to attach to our site.

  17. I would LOVE to attend and take lessons, especially on the free motion quilting. I have been trying to master this technique, but really need some help. I have only been quilting for three years, and thoroughly enjoy the hobby. So far, the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Show has been my only experience is the “wide world of quilting”. Would love to see the expo in Hunt Valley. Thanks for the opportunity to enter the contest!

  18. I attended the Expo in Baltimore this past year and learned so many things. I can”t wait to go to this years show in Hunt Valley. There are so many classes I want to take that I am having a hard time deciding which to take.

  19. I missed last year”s expo but am looking forward to attending this year. The classes are very informative and fun. Getting to meet some of the authors of books I have was a real treat (I even got some of them autographed). Just need to decide on classes and how many!

  20. The Hunt Valley show sounds great. There are so many classes that I would love to attend. I am hoping to jump from quilting to sewing apparel. I think the classes would really help. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to enter the contest!!

  21. Taking my son to his first ever Expo, I am so excited to do this with him!!! He sews now and he is happy to expand his knowledge, thank you for coming to Baltimore again!

  22. I always stock up on fabric at the sewing expo! I”m expecting my first child in May so this year is going to be extra special.

  23. I went last year and loved it. Glad it”s at the new location, as it is closer for me since I live north of Harrisburg, PA. BUT I would travel the extra distance, if I had to!

  24. I went last year and loved it. Glad it”s at the new location, as it is closer for me since I live north of Harrisburg, PA. BUT I would travel the extra distance, if I had to!

  25. I went to theexpo last year for the first time at the baltimore convention center. It was wonderful! Cant wait for this year”s at Hunt Valley.

  26. I went to theexpo last year for the first time at the baltimore convention center. It was wonderful! Cant wait for this year”s at Hunt Valley.

  27. Last year I went to my first expo ever in Baltimore and met Dolola Carmichael, my first sewing buddy. I was by myself and didn”t know anyone. Attending an expo is such a wonderful way to learn from master teachers like Cynthia Guffy and make “sew” wonderful friends like Dolola!

  28. A great way to spend a day with friends. It is one stop shopping for all the new and eciting sewing gadgets! Love the demos and seeing all the lovely quilts.

  29. I have thought about going to the Expo for years, but still have not made it. I am trying to decide whether or not to go this year. Although the fact that it is in Baltimore makes it a bit more enticing.

  30. This will be my first time at the Expo so I don”t know about taking any classes. I think I will just use this event to get a feel for it and do some shopping and see what is new out there.

  31. Last year I attended the Original Sewing and Quilting Expo in Baltimore, MD for the first time with my two sisters. I had an AWESOME time. There was so much to see, learn and buy. I did not take any classes last year but it would be GREAT if I am able to win the free value package A for this year”s show. It would give me a chance to learn new skills. I am looking forward to having a FUN time again this year along with my both my sister”s!!!! Since both my sister”s live in Maryland and I live in New Jersey, they are both very excited that I am able to join them again this year for an EXCITING adventure! See you in MARCH……

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