The Expo in 2014: What do YOU look forward to?

What do you look forward to at the Expo each year?
What is your highlight each time you plan your sewing get-away?
How can Original Sewing & Quilt Expo make 2014 the best year yet?

Three of the Expo’s 16 cities of 2014 are now online! Join the Expo in Baltimore, Atlanta and Lakeland this March! And check out the full calendar of events to see the other Expo locations.

Do you love the Classes and Workshops? What’s your favorite?
In Atlanta, Georgia, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo has over 130 class titles for you to choose from! Register today!






Do you love the Quilt Display Galleries?
In Baltimore (Hunt Valley), the Expo will be showcasing Mary Kerr‘s curated quilt exhibit, ‘Quilt as Desired’. Click here for more details.






And shopping? Of course! What’s been your favorite Expo purchase?
In Lakeland, Florida, shop at over 100 vendor booths!






Leave a comment with your favorite thing that ever happened to you at the Expo, and be entered in a drawing to win 4 tickets to any 2014 event. What a deal!

Drawing will be held on January 17. 

Looking forward to seeing you this year at the Expo!

17 thoughts on “The Expo in 2014: What do YOU look forward to?

  1. I have been with friends and alone and I always meet some “new” friends. So the very best part of the EXPO is wandering around and being inspired.

  2. Last year I got to stay for the whole expo from start to finish. I learned so much and rediscovered old interests. Every day I found something that made me feel like I discovered America. The one thing that changed my whole life was the body analysis by Carol Steinbrecher–I have a new attitude and confidence. Can”t wait for this year”s show!

  3. So many things I/we (my friends) enjoyed at the Tinley Park, IL. expo! First to mind is I so loved the “bring what you made” I called it show & tell. Enjoyed the expo staff, expo attendees who also brought items to share & the wonderful food that was provided for us! So many fantastic stage presentations, to learn and love seeing all the “new” seamstresses for the younger generation to strut their stuff which I hope to get my niece to do this year! Upon entering the expo, I was blown away with all the exquisit quilts on display. How can there be just one thing at the Expo that”s a favorite? My friends and I are attending again this year, it”d be fabulous to win tickets!!!

  4. I usually get to go to Chantilly and Baltimore (last year) sewing expo. I so look forward to the cast of Teachers and a chance to get my hands on the sewing machines and try things out. Loved Sarah Veblen”s classes on fit. She has such a great eye for easy fixes. Went to Cynthia Guffey”s fit class as the volunteer student, all of my flaws were miraculously corrected by the pants I made with her advice. Oh, and best of all the fashion shows and the prizes at the end of the night. You just have to be enthusiastic when the announcer screams, time to pick the prizes!!! Just once, I would love to win a prize! I keep trying every year. Thank you for moving the Baltimore show to Hunt Valley. I am sooo excited to go.

  5. I love taking the classes and learning new techniques and seeing all the new products available. I often go with or meet up with friends – sharing the experience with those that enjoy quilting and sewing as much as I do. I makes notes in my calendar as soon as the dates are announced for the following year so I can plan to take the time off from work. Can”t wait for March!

  6. My daughter and I can”t wait to go to the expo again this year. We went for the first time last year and loved it so much. We are now making it a yearly event. We are both newer to quilting and are very glad that we found this wonderful hobby!

  7. The “I Made It Myself” event with fantastic snacks provided. Wonderful time with the staff and co-attendees showing “their stuff”, or what they plan to make in the future with items bought at the Expo!

    Stage presentations from the learning sessions and Style make-over. Of course they are all commendable! The classes offered are numerous which is a wonderful opportunity for all.

    Seeing all the beautiful quilts as you enter the Expo to help give insperation!

    Everyone is friendly while sharing of their love for the art of sewing/quilting.

    My friends and I purchased what I believe is call a knit pick, it a simple inexpensive tool you use after seam ripping. It easly picks the threads, what a time saver. Also purchased cute material I will make an apron for my husband, it has chef/chef hats and in the square block size I was looking for!

    My favorite, having the opportunity to share all this with good friends spending 3 days taking in all that”s offered!

  8. I enjoy going to the Expo in Kansas City, especially when I can go for more than one day. One of my favorite things to watch is the “Sewing”s Next Generation”, where youth, ages 9-18, show off their projects.

  9. I attended the Overland Park event last year and went to a lecture by Mary Kerr, who curates the “Quilt As Desired” collection that was showing there. Met and visited with her, she asked me to quilt a vintage top for her traveling collection. I am working on it now and beyond excited for this opportunity!!!

  10. This will be my first year at this show . Very excited ! Meeting up with sewing friends ….kick starting my weeking for the new year !

  11. I am looking forward to this Balltimore/Hunt Valley event. I usually go to the Tennessee Mountain Quilt Fest in this will be a treat being close to home…can”t wait for everything…

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