Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Minneapolis Expo!

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is excited to see you in Minneapolis, MN at the Minneapolis Marriott Northwest on November 7, 8 & 9!

You can take Classes & Workshops, explore quilts in the Display Gallery, and check out other Features and Events at the Expo!

Value Package A includes 5 class sessions, 3 day general admission, an Expo shopping bag and a limited edition neck wallet! Yay!

Comments are now clsoed. Congrats to Lori O’Shea on winning the Value Package for Minneapolis!

71 thoughts on “Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Minneapolis Expo!

  1. I would love this package so much! It”s been several years since attending one of your Expos! I”d even leave Florida in November for this!

  2. I have never attended an Original Sewing and Quilt Expo because this is the first year I have been aware of this ever even existing!!! This would be such a great thing to attend to help my newly found addiction! Sewing for my baby girl :-) Thanks so much for such a wonderful giveaway!!!

  3. It would be lovely to go not only to Minneapolis but a dream come true. I have wanted to go to the Minneapolis Quilt Expo for years. I had planned to take my mother with me but she is no longer with us so this trip would be wonderful.

    • I taught Quilting for Literacy 7 years ago at The Lake County Adult Learning Cente

      I not only enjoyed the teaching aspect this course, but the beauty and process quilting brings to ones soul. I know it did for me especially when I was making quilts for my granddaughters.


  4. The Sewing Expo gives me the motivation to try differnet things and the kick in the butt to move on projects that haven”t been started yet.

  5. Last year was the first year that I had ever attended your event! And it was so much fun! Fun classes, fun people, fun fabrics. I am so glad that you are back again 😘😍😊😀😄😘😍😊😉😄😘😍😊😊😀😉😄

  6. Attending the Sewing & Quilting Expo each year is always something I look forward to all year long. The hands-on classes are so fun to do, and just seeing all the finished work is so inspiring to me. I love creative sewing, and new & original works get my mind spinning on new ideas. Open those doors – I”m ready to “party”!!

  7. Always fun to look forward to great shopping, new classes and great ideas to hold me through to the next year. A challenge to try to figure out how to fit in free presentations, classes, a fun make it project, and shopping for things you can”t find the rest of the year

  8. So excited to be attending the Expo again this year! Have attended for years and years and always find something new to inspire and motivate me! I and friends will be there all 3 days and staying at the attached hotel.

  9. I have not attended an Expo in at least 5 years. But I”ve been hit with the sewing & quilting bug. My calendar is marked to spend time reviewing the entire schedule to see what classes I”m really interested in taking.

  10. I find that if I attend the Expo in Minneapolis in the fall, I am much more motivated in the winter to sew on the cold, snowy days and nights. Looking forward to another three days of over the top fun and to get the creative juices going!

  11. Can”t wait for the Minnesota expo. I attended for the first time two years ago and had so much fun! Love learning new things!

  12. I”ve been attending Expo for many years. I only missed one year because my husband scheduled himself to be out of town on Expo days. Now I always write it on the calendar in Big letters.

    This summer I started teaching a 17 year old girl to sew, and I”m hoping to bring her with me on Saturday!

  13. I love going to the sewing expo, but I”m not sure if I can make it this year. Can” afford it I haven”t worked in over 4 years and money is very tight for us. I love the classes I have learned so much doing them.

  14. I am really excited about all of the upcoming classes and things at this years sewing expo! I can hardly wait for it to get here!! My husband even enjoys going with me and attending some of the classes. Thank you for making this so awesome!

  15. Every year I learn something new. Every year I love buying from the vendors. Each year is a special time for ME to connect with my talents and interests!

  16. I have never been to the expo and am really looking forward to it! I have searched the pics on line and can”t decide what classes I want to take! There are many that I am interested in!

  17. Hi,
    Last year was the first time that I had ever been to the expo. I thoroughly enjoyed it. The classes were fun, the people were fun, and the fabric was fabulous. Looking forward to coming again this year! Thank you for coming to Minnesota 😘😘😍😄😉😀💝😘😊😍😄😄😉💝😘😊😍😄😉😉💝💝
    Sincerely, Sallyanne Hjelle

  18. Been several years since I have been in the Minneapolis area and able to attend. But on those years I could get there, I always enjoyed the venue.

  19. I”ve attended the Expo since the 1990”s and still learn something new each year — such great instructors and great classes. Love the stage presentations, too. And then, there is the shopping, shopping, shopping! It is worth the drive from out-state.

  20. I went to the Expo once 2 years ago and would love to to go again! I”m looking for work, so not sure if I can swing it. Thanks for the chance!

  21. I”ve had the opportunity to attend only twice in my senior citizen life. It was fabulous. I”m so glad to see that “home sewing” is making its way back. The endless creative possibilities inspire me to do more gift making. And, the new and improved tools and techniques are equally exciting.

  22. I just started quilting within the last couple years. This will be my first expo, convention, or gathering for quilting. Cannot wait to attend!

  23. I am so excited about the MN Expo. I live in Alaska and am unable to fly out for many of these types of events. Coincidentally, my daughter now lives in the Twin Cities area, so I can attend the Expo while I visit her. I can hardly wait!

  24. Two Grannies! We have been so busy helping our children”s children, we have not had time to craft together ALL SUMMER LONG!!! HELP us to be able to come to Minneapolis and take some classes. Two worn out but ready to get you in stitches.

  25. I will be attending for the first time! I”m so excited I can hardly stand it.
    The class options are so tantalizing.
    Linda K

  26. I”ve been sewing for 50 years and it”s still amazing to see something new come up to make the adventure even more fun. Thanks for continuing on with the Expo.

  27. I have never been to a sewing expo .I am an avid sewer and always looking to learn new techniques and ideas. It would be great to win tickets.

  28. Looking forward to the2013 expo. Even though I have been sewing for many years I always learn something new. And I love to find new notions and products

  29. The Expo is my chance to pick up Canadian woolens, silk from Cynthia Guffey, patterns from various vendors, and check out the newest machines and techniques . I have had to miss a few years, but now have the option of attending in BIrmingham, AL, or Atlanta, GA. My favorite is still MSP.

  30. I am back sewing after years away. The birth of a grandchild got me into quilting.
    Now I can”t wait to take a class using a serger and starting to make clothes!!!

  31. My wonderful husband bought me the greatest Brother Embroidery Machine! I am having so much fun with it and want to learn to do so much more! Looking forward to a great weekend with fellow fabric fanatics! Can”t wait!

  32. I would love to go to the quilt show. I love to see the new fabrics and patterns. I hope that I win the contest. Thanks for the chance to enjoy the quilt show.

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