Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Birmingham Expo!

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is excited to see you in Birmingham at the Cahaba Grand Conference Center on October 10, 11 & 12th!

You can take Classes & Workshops, explore quilts in the Display Gallery, and check out other Features and Events at the Expo!

Value Package A includes 5 class sessions, 3 day general admission, an Expo shopping bag and a limited edition neck wallet! Yay!

Comments are now closed. Congratulations to Marva Goodman on being the Value Package winner! 


30 thoughts on “Giveaway! Free Value Package A for the Birmingham Expo!

  1. I have longed to attend. My husband works out of Birmingham though we live in Georgia. I would be able to ride over with him and enjoy!

  2. Hopeful that I will be the winner as I need a get-away and this would be perfect. I love quilting, and I have never been to Alabama, so I will be more than excited to win.

  3. I attended the Expo last year and had an awesome time. The vendors were great and I was able to find a replacement for my favorite snipers that had just broke. This is a great, must attend event!

  4. I have been wanting to attend this show for months now, this would be a great way to completely enjoy the Expo experience!! Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. I am fairly new to quilting having waited until retirement to start. There is a lot to learn & classes are the best way. The Expo last year was my first & can”t wait for this one.

  6. I love to sew and embroidery. I love going to sewing workshops. Although I have never been to Birmingham, I would love to attend. Thank you, Shirley

  7. I had sooooo much fun at last year”s expo that I can hardly wait for this one. I am just bursting at the seams. (Pun intended.) I live in the Birmingham area so I am really glad we are one of the expo”s locations.
    See ya”ll there!

  8. Love the Sewing Expo! Great opportunity to see different vendors, see old friends and make new ones, and most of all, learn new techniques. It is always good to see the expo staff, they are great people.

  9. I need HELP! I would like to start sewing again. But it has been 38 years since my high school Home Economics Class- which is now called Consumer Science. I need HELP! HELP ME PLEASE..

  10. I am very excited that the Expo is coming back for a second year. I”ve attended the show in Atlanta, so when I learned it was coming to Birmingham, I had to go! My mom and I went to last years event. She especially enjoyed viewing the quilts. She made them as a young woman with her sister and mother. She was overwhelmed by the technology used to make modern-day quilts. I was happy to be able to share that experience with her. I look forward to this years event!

  11. What a great give away!! As a newbie to sewing, I think that this conference would be a great place to learn. Saving for next year!

  12. Attended last year and it was sew much fun. Talked about it all year with a couple of friends who also had gone. I was sew excited to go again, I registered the first day available this year.

  13. Loved the event in Atlanta two years ago, missed the Birmingham event last year due to unexpected surgery, and have my bags (almost) packed for this year”s event in Birmingham which is closer to home in the Jackson (MS) area than Atlanta. I think I have convinced several sewers to go to Birmingham this year. Looking forward to classes and shopping !!!!

  14. I am excited about this event. Plan on driving in from Memphis TN for all 3 days. The class schedule looks full of interesting workshops. Maybe I could clone myself and take more classes.

    Thanks for this event

    Cora Marro

  15. Birmingham is so fortunate to have The Original Sewing and Quilting expo here for it”s 2nd year. Winning class time would be a great way to spend my time at the expo. It is always fun to go to the Expo!

  16. Went to my first expo a couple of years ago and again to Atlanta last year. Great experience and learned & saw a lot of great ideas. Most of the vendors had a lot of selections, saw a lot of new items that made me want to try them all. Would recommend anyone to go to these expos, to both learn, see, and enjoy the friendship you develop with both the teachers and fellow students.

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