Tuesday Tip Q & A from New Expo Teacher Rachel Griffith!

What a pleasure it is to have a little  Q & A time from the lovely Rachel Griffith for our Tuesday Tip! segment, today. Owner and designer of P.S. I Quilt, check out www.psiquilt.com for more from this creative lady! She will be joining us for her first show in Pittsburgh, so let’s give her a hand!

And please don’t mind the lower-case letter style of Ms. Griffith. It’s totally her thing :)

What/ who first introduced you to sewing? Was it love at first sight?
it was my home ec teacher. in class, i made a simple baby “quilt” that used 1 yard of fabric for the front and 1 yard of fabric for the back. it was more of a blanket, honestly. and i still have it.

Tell us a bit about your blog and how it all got started.
ps i quilt was started because i wanted a place to share my thoughts, inspirations and projects. i also wanted to be able to talk with other people.

What was your first project ever made?
the blanket from question number 1. 

What have you always wanted to make but haven’t had the chance to yet?
i’d like to make a quilt like my great grandmothers did. something vintage, but with a lot of heart. i think about them a lot while i design. whether it comes out or not in the end result, who knows. so, maybe the correct answer would be a dresden quilt of some sort. 

Your favorite color combination? 
oooh. grey, aqua & coral.

Your favorite sewing/quilt pattern?
 hmmm. this is a tough one. i’m a sucker for simplistic designs. and i love pinwheel blocks. i know that’s not a specific pattern, but it’s the truth. 

Your design inspiration?
i like to think of myself as a nowadays quilter. i like to mix traditional with modern. it depends on the design itself. it could be a shape within an old door or window frame or even the way 

Why you do what you do—what motivates you to be in this industry?
 i do this because i love it. and because it helps provide for my family, i can devote myself to it completely. 

What you’re most excited about in teaching with us?
i love teaching. i wanted to be a home ec teacher. i love the interaction. and i love the satisfaction of helping people. 

Favorite food?
 i’m a pasta/bread/potato kind of girl with a sweet tooth. my favorite meal is beef stew with white rice. and my favorite desert would be cheesecake or peach pie. mmm.

 Favorite hobby apart from sewing?
 the correct answer would be reading. or baking. or maybe photography. 

Favorite holiday/day of the year?
 i’m a fall/winter girl. my most favorite day of the year would be the day after thanksgiving. it’s the perfect mix of fall and christmas. we eat leftovers, shop and decorate the christmas tree.


Rachel will be teaching three classes in Pittsburgh, Georgia Quilt Show, Fredericksburg, Fort Worth, Minneapolis and Overland Park!

Next week’s Pittsburgh Schedule:

Thursday, August 22: Impromptu Quilt








Friday, August 23: Pinwheel Sampler Quilt








Friday, August 23: Facade Quilt








Thanks, Rachel. See you at the Expo next week, everyone!

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