Tuesday Tip: Lost and Found

This week’s Tuesday Tip may seem highly generic, but could also be highly important and even life-saving to those of you whom it applies!

Origin of our Tuesday Tip:

Lost and Found. It’s a beautiful thing…when you remember it. Since we know our shop-savy attendees have lost things at the Expo, we provide a Lost and Found service.

Today’s Tuesday Tip:

Located at the Registration Desk, Original Sewing & Quilt Expo’s Lost and Found is host to things like prescription glasses, dolls, coats, wallets (!!), forgotten shopping bags (shown below) and even the occasional iPad or iPhone! Don’t forget to check the Lost and Found when you attend an Expo and have misplaced an item. Our awesome Regi-Team is there to help!

Pictured are some contents of a forgotten shopping bag from Raleigh, NC. What great Expo purchases from vendor Superior Thread that are just longing for their home!

Please call us if you think you may have forgotten something at the Expo. We may have it in the office or we could provide some information to direct you further.

Thanks for tuning in! Now we hope you’ll never forget to check the Lost and Found.

Also–be sure to check out our Fredericksburg show, happening in October. Over 40 faculty members! Our biggest class catalog ever! Want to request additional information or a class catalog? Click here!

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