Be sure to visit Whatever’s Quilted at the Raleigh Expo!

Do you have a lot of UFO’s in your sewing studio?  Quilters often have a hard time finishing their projects…

If you can relate, be sure to visit Donna Sontag of Whatever’s Quilted at the upcoming Original Sewing & Quilt Expo in Raleigh on June 20-22th at the Raleigh Convention Center.  Donna is all about “getting the quilter done.” She is an authorized Handi Quilter Representative who’ll show you the ropes on several different Handi Quilter models at the Expo.  Whatever’s Quilted is your one stop shop for all things finishing – from midarm machines to longarm machines, all the accessories you might need, and even wide backings – you can find it all!

Not quite ready to buy a Handi Quilter?  Talk with Donna about renting time on a machine in her store.  You’ll be hooked in no time!

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