Alchemy – A New Collection from Amy Butler & a GIVEAWAY!

Thanks to Amy for giving us a peek into the creative process behind Alchemy!  Leave a comment about what you sew (garments, bags, quilts, all of it?) on this post for a chance to win a one yard cut of each of Amy’s new substrates – Voile, Sateen Bliss, Velveteen, Rayon Challis, Linen Cotton, and Linen Rayon. Giveaway ends on Monday March 11th at 9 AM EST.

Congratulations to Mary Arsenault, the winner of the fabric giveaway!

MY ALCHEMY STUDIO COLLECTION –  my first premiere collection dedicated to fashion sewing and created exclusively for my independent quilt shops worldwide!

Supple rayon challis, silky sateen bliss, flowy voile, buttery velveteen and soft linen cotton fabrics designed to all work as one stunning (and easy to buy) fashion group. Everyone is getting into fashion sewing, for themselves and for their homes! I want to make it easy to inspire fashionistas at every level by offering a cohesive collection in 12 skus . Imagine a pencil skirt and a voile blouse to go with, or a gorgeous rayon challis dress combined with a natural linen cotton jacket. Perhaps voile curtains with velveteen pillows and quilt. I had a ball with creating this mix! My idea is that in only 12 skus there is tons of versatility and variety in fabric substrates to allow sewists to make a wide variety of projects for garments, accessories, quilts and even home decor. The other key ingredient is the mix of colors and prints and that all of these different substrates coordinate and make one big beautiful story that allows the sewer to make a rayon challis blouse that will look gorgeous with velveteen pants, all from fabrics in this one core collection. My naturally inspired prints & bohemian graphics on these luscious substrates creates a new, fresh pattern mix to poetically layer and personalize. We all need great new ideas to get the fire going, and this is an exciting time to introduce the bright spark of fashion!

Dalynn, Katie and I move you through an exciting experience where you get to the see the fabrics “in action”. It really does give you a whole new perspective and it was so much fun to create! Have fun watching!


The Liverpool Tunic
The Emily Bag

The Drawstring Dress – Sew Red

Bag – Umami’s Fabric Canvas World
The Drawstring Dress – Sew Red

The Charm Clutch

The Roxanne Top – Victory Patterns

The Drawstring Dress – Sew Red
Bag – Umami’s Fabric Canvas World

Bag – Umami’s Fabric Canvas World
Dress – The Roxanne Top – Victory Patterns

The Charm Clutch

Fitz Patterns – Fabienne Shirt Dress
The Emily Bag

Lavender Sachet

Weekender – The Weekender Bag
The Drawstring Dress – Sew Red

AND MY DECORATOR FABRICS –  a brand NEW substrate mix of rayon and linen- it’s delicious and versatile!  I created this 8 sku mix to coordinate perfectly with my Alchemy Quilting cottons to add in that versatility piece again. Mixing and matching across fabric substrates gives us all so much flexibility and tons of ideas  The weight of this decorator linen makes it an exciting and versatile substrate. Heavy enough for upholstery, yet has a wonderful drape for all kinds of sewing projects!  I am planning on backing my new quilts with it.. it’s soft enough and very easy to sew with. I think this would be a great time to get everyone excited about home décor projects this winter! You can see by my illustration how easy it is to mix the decorator with my quilting fabrics.

I snapped a pic when my fabric yardage first arrived. OMG it’s like Christmas!!

I love this shot! The beautiful Kelsie is zen like in this sea of color. The bench, couch cushions and gumdrop pillow in the foreground are all made with my Alchemy Decorator Linen/ Rayon.

MY ALCHEMY LAMINATED FABRICS – I love working with these laminated fabrics. The soft texture and ease of use is the perfect combination for so many fun sewing and crafting projects. These 6 skus are some of my favorite prints! I love mixing my laminated with my new Decorator linen and my quilting cottons. For hot tips on working with laminated fabrics and links to great tutorials check this link out from my web site.
This is the “Emily Bag” from and it’s perfect for my laminated prints. I used my Decorator linen for the lining and handles.

The Emily Bag – The Emily Bag

The Emily Bag
Dress – The Roxanne Top – Victory Patterns

For loads of laminated inspiration you can check out my ‘Wonder” story in Blossom

Download my “Creative Project Suite” which has fabulous instructions for repurposing a vintage table and covering the top with laminated fabric.

MY ALCHEMY ORGANIC QUILTING COTTONS – 8 buttery beautiful prints! This collection launched in September 12′ and has been so well received!

Creating an organic collection has been a long time dream of mine and I’m proud to get to work with Westminster Fibers on developing and growing this category of material. There is an ever increasing demand for organic fabrics and I’m proud to offer this petite and powerful mix of prints.
This is a  sweet collective of my favorite botanical inspired designs translated in brilliant hues that are irresistible on my yummy 100% organic quilting cotton. This luxurious material makes the most delicious quilts and just keeps getting softer and softer with every wash. The incredible feel of the fabric & uplifting prints will have you dreaming up special projects for the ones you love! Printed sustainably with low impact dyes, my Alchemy fabrics  are certified organic through the G.O.T.S. affiliate Control Union Certifications – Netherlands  To see my full collection and loads of inspiration and project ideas check out my Blossom Magazine story “Indian Summer”
This is the end of my visit and I wanted to thank you for having me pop in today.  Thank you too everyone for your time. It’s been a joy to share my Alchemy Collections with you. If you’d like to connect or have feedback for me, hot tips, suggestions, I’d love to hear from you! You can drop me a note at or visit me on Facebook, Twitter – @amybutlerdesig1, Instagram – amybutlerdesign, and now on Pinterest.  Wishing everyone love, light, peace and wonderful creative adventures in 2013! XO AMY


See Amy’s new fabric at the Expo!


80 thoughts on “Alchemy – A New Collection from Amy Butler & a GIVEAWAY!

  1. Love the new beautiful fabrics! I could really get into sewing some new travel bags, especially with the laminates. Keep inspiring us. And thanx for the opportunity to add to my resource center.

  2. I make quilts but I also sew clothes and would love to take some of these fantastic pieces and make something to wear …or a bag?

  3. I love this new line and all of your fabrics!!! Just beautiful!!! I love to sew mostly quilts and bags but the occasional garment also. :)

  4. I love the Amy Butler materials and LOVE LOVE LOVE the purses. I make them all the time and use them everyday. I love the new fabric ohhh what I could do with it. I quilt and make purses and other things

  5. I enjoy doing different quilting projects. The fabric looks wonderful.

  6. I love making purses and bags, but my next project is helping my Grand daughter design and make her prom gown.

  7. I am mostly a crafty sewer and love to make bags and small quilts. I dabble in clothing, but get frustrated when I spend so much time on a garment that fits funny. I just don”t have the patience to tailor anything more complicated than pajama pants :-)

  8. I LOVE all of Amy Butlers fabrics – the colors, the patters, cotton and laminated fabrics. I have used the laminated fabric to make a bag. Cotton fabrics for quilts and little girl clothing. I would love to win a sample of her fabrics!!!

  9. The fabrics are incredibly beautiful! I make quilts, childrens garments, handbags, and many cosmetic and travel bags. I can see these fabrics in all of these projects. I”m thinking the laminated fabrics would be awesome in children”s rain jackets.

  10. I love the new fabrics and ideas. I make quilts, bags, clothes for sweet little girl, and toys. I love the bright bold prints that Amy Butler fabrics always has they are so much fun to work with!

  11. What beautiful fabrics. These pictures have inspired me to get busy sewing again. I love the unique designs in the laminates for bags. Can”t wait for the Expo in Atlanta to see the fabrics up close. You are truly an artist.

  12. Beautiful designs! I sew things across the board. Really getting into home dec to minimize my footprint in this world. Love to use couture techniques, even on simplest of clothing…love the ”inside” feel of knowing what my clothes look like inside out and fit better And I am currently making two Amy Butler travel bags! Only thing I really need more of is time….but beautiful fabric helps!

  13. I LOVE these fabrics. Beautiful the possible are udderly Unbelievable!! shirts curtains pilliow, poutches, dog beds, placemates, shirts, skirts. backpacks everything .. I can”t wait to see them!!!

  14. Love everything but the drawstring dress. It reminds me of moomoo”s my mother and grandmother used to wear in the 60s – and not in a good way. But, I love, love, LOVE the fabrics!

  15. Utterly beautiful – everything! As a sewer for almost 50 years (oh boy) of clothing, home dec, and quilting, your new Alchemy line is fabulous. Thank you for taking this big risk. I”m anxious to use a mix of all in home dec and quilting, and may even get back to clothing now!

  16. I have a new home and a new job. My spare time will be spent sewing clothes and home decor for them.

  17. Love the new fabrics! Thanks for the heads up to look for them at the Atlanta runway. At least 3 people come to mind I should make a handbag for with your new collection, plus a group I will be teaching. I will make sample (and keep for myself!).

  18. Love your website. I sew a variety – clothes for me, clothes for granddaughter, some quilting, a lot of embroidery, a lot of repairs to clothes, bags, jackets, creative items for others – pillows, baby gifts, etc. Your fabrics are exciting and I would love to try some of the laminated fabrics to make an awesome bag or something else. Looking forward to seeing more at the Atlanta Sewing Expo this week.

  19. I fell in love with Amy Butler fabrics probably 10 years ago. I love to sew garments and the occasional bag. I have a new baby and look forward to sewing clothes for her. I made a baby dress for a friend out of one of my favorite Amy Butler fabrics. Turned out adorable!

  20. Beautiful new line of fabrics! I look forward to incorporating these into the bags and fashions that I sew. Thank you Amy!

  21. I have always loved her designs but sew mainly clothing instead of quilts or accessories for the home. I am very excited about the new fabrics and am already planning how I can use them.

  22. What I love is the coordination of pattern within a variety of fabric types. That makes it so easy to add more textural interest to our projects along with color and pattern that are all cohesive and stunning. I can”t wait to see your collections at the Expo this week in Atlanta. I will attempt about anything that can be done with fabric and yarn and some kind of needle or a machine. My mother had me embroidering at 6 and let me use her machine when I was 10 and left the room so that I had to unjam her “new” Singer by myself; she was great. She taught me how to crochet; I later introduced her to X-stitch. We shared our love of sewing all her life until Alzheimer”s robbed her of skill. I learned a lot in school but nothing

  23. Never thought of going all out, but with that neat fabric, I really see myself bouncing into SPRING. Thanks

  24. (Continuing on – sent last reply before finishing)
    As I was saying, I learned a lot in school but nothing stayed with me as long or has given me as much pleasure and sense of satisfaction as the gift she gave me in teaching and encouraging me to sew. What a wonderful to reach out to others and the younger generation.

  25. I love this new fabric, and can”t it to get my hands on some!! I”m torn right now between using it to make a purse or a quilt, heck I”ll mor than likely do both!!

  26. These could be the best designs yet! I make purses and bags of all sizes and can”t wait to use them.

  27. Amazing as always. Can”t wait to get started on more quilts and bags.

  28. Love the fabrics. I sew a little of everything, home decor, garments, quilts. Just need to find more time to sew.

  29. What awesome and inspiring fabrics! Can”t wait to make something with one of the laminates.

  30. Pretty things! Anything from fiber jewelry to a king sized quilt works for me. I love, love, love, fabric – to see it, hold it in my hand, cut it, stitch it, dye it, print it. I love it all.

  31. Fabulous Collection, the colors are so vibrant, modern and classic motifs come alive, I would loved to use the fabrics for my sewing projects, I make quilts, tote bags and clothing, this year I want to start using patterns for Home Decor items to bring my home into a more modern look, I believe these fabrics would give me the look I”m aiming for.
    The drawstring dress looks to be the perfect Spring and Summer item that every wardrobe should include. I envision a big floppy hat made with a coordinating fabric to shade the face from those UV rays.

  32. Amy, I adore your fabrics!!! It is such fun making all sorts of quilts, bags, summer dresses and even American Girl Doll clothes with your designs! Thank you so much.

  33. I”m always looking for new fabrics. I do sewing for & we make a unique product that takes about 3/4 of a yard & I think some of these would sell like hotcakes. We have to introduce new fabrics to keep the line upbeat. I can”t wait to see them at the show this Saturday & let the host of the website know about them. I”m going to send her the link to check you out as well.

  34. So in love with the inspiration Amy Butler conveys in her fabric designs. Versatility is what I admire when creating projects with her fabrics. I am blessed to be a 4th generation seamstress, (training my granddaughter the 6th generation, her mommy is the 5th generation) with a love for making anything that we can create and get into our machines. I make everything from purses, pillows, custom window treatments, upholstery, wedding gowns, casual and career wear, totes, machine quilts. For the personal touch, we do custom embroidery and applique with a variety of fabrics to include Amy Butler designs, (with my commercial 16 needle embroidery machine) on everything, my latest creation is embroidery on window and door screens, such a personal touch for a house warming gift, now… if i can take Amy”s fabrics and Applique on a screen…hmmmmm
    Love Love Love your designs and quality of fabric.

  35. I sew “in the hoop” wallets and accessories, and free form baby items such as burp cloths, dresses, blankets/quilts, and tees. I LOVE the bags and totes! The are just what I would sew “Just For Me”!

  36. I love these fabrics and designs especially for quilts and my totes!! They are unique and colorful!! I never have to worry about their quality because they are great!!! Thank you because that means less stress!!

  37. I love this new line, and the fact that you have cottons, linens, and laminates! I, too, think the linen would make a wonderful quilt backing.

    I am thinking of first making the Emily bag, in honor or my Mom, whose name was Emily!

    Thanks for all the great inspiration, Amy!

  38. I sew mostly quilts, but am eager to get back into fashion sewing. I saw Amy Butler at QuiltCon in Austin and she described how she chooses colors/designs and what inspires her. Now I can see those influences in this line. Colorful, intricate — lovely!

  39. The Expo in Schaumburg is my vacation. I can”t think of a better “souvenir” than being able to show and share a stack of Alchemy fabric to inspire my sewing students to new heights.

  40. ohhhhhh………..decisions, decisions….maybe one of everything!!! I would love to sit and feast my eyes on the lovely fabrics!! I would have to enjoy them for a while before deciding which is for ,what.! Home decor, apparel, gifts, craft items, etc, etc

  41. I love Amy Butler fabrics and so does my granddaughter. I”ve been sewing since I was 5 (started with doll clothes and a slip for myself) and now sew almost exclusively garments for myself, my daughter (sometimes) and my granddaughter (who loves ruffles and bright colors).

  42. I sew garments, home decor, quilts, bags … a little of everything I guess. Love the Alchemy prints and colors. Fabulous!

  43. I just love the colors and patterns! I can see a skirt, top and dress in any one of those fabrics futures :-)

  44. The new fabrics are amazing, so very pretty. I love to make bags/purses and am starting to sew more clothes for both my daughter and I. At the moment we are both working on costumes for her school play, can”t wait to start making new stuff for spring.

  45. I’m so excited, going to the Original Sewing Expo in Atlanta Thurs 7th. Can’t wait to see Amy Butler’s New Alchemy collection I’ll have to bring some home….

  46. Beautiful fabrics! Looking forward to the Atlanta Sewing Expo tomorrow and hoping to find Amy Butler fabrics there. Anticipation…..

  47. Boy I just love the colors in the fabrics. Would make beatiful bags. My granddaughter would love to help me sew things with this fabric. She is 11 and loves to sew.Thank you

  48. I love these fabrics. I am looking forward to seeing them in Baltimore in May. I would love to make a unique swim / gym bag. I like to design my bags for the specific use. I want a section for my shoes so they do not get my clothes dirty. I also want a zipped pocket for my wallet and phone. I will also put in a special pocket for my googles and swim cap. And finally, I want to put in a water proof section for my wet swimsuit. I am forever dropping things out of my current bag or getting everything wet with suit.

  49. Can”t wait for the Baltimore Expo . I love Amy”s new fabrics it has inspired me to start sewing again . The fabrics that were used to make the sachets are beautiful. I love sewing garments as well as crafts.

  50. I sew quilts and bags. Would like to do more garments. Can”t wait to try all the different substrates!

  51. Can”t wait to get to the expo and see, touch and feel all the new fabrics!

  52. I am a fashion sewer. I can visualize some beautiful tops with some of these fabrics.

  53. I sew everything and I LOOOOVVVEEE Amy Butler! I can”t wait to see the new fabrics in person at the expo!

  54. I have my eye on one of those bags but the floor ottomans really is something I want to get the pattern for and make. I love those, I think these would be great presents for kids to put in their rooms.

  55. I LOVE the material that you have created! I have so many idea”s running through my head for your product. Especially, the decorating material. Would love the chance to win on your product giveaway to try out some of the material on my idea”s. Thanks for the opp. and great luck to you.

  56. I love you Amy Butler!!! Your designs are so unique and your patterns are so chic!!! I made the slouch bag (forget the name) and have worn it for years and even tho its getting old and ragged looking from wear I still get lots of compliments on the bag itself. I love it so much I made a Black White and Lime Green one last year and I am saving that one for my travels. Keep up the good work-love all your stuff!! Can”t wait to see the fabrics at the expo in Lakeland next Friday!!


  57. I love making all kinds of sewing projects (quilts, bags, small gift items) and would love to win your wonderful fabrics. I would enjoy working with your innovative fabrics as it would be a new experience. Variety is the spice of live as the saying goes.

  58. Just love all those fabrics. I would love to make a quilt and or pillows with those wonderful color fabircs. Thanks!

  59. Love the new prints! I sew quilts, children”s clothing, purses, shopping bags, pillows and enjoy mixed media too. Can”t wait to see the fabrics in Lakeland, FL at the Sewing and Quilting Expo!

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  61. I really enjoy this collection of colours. You have won my vote. I can”t wait to see them at Lakeland next week. I enjoy making the handbags.

  62. Amy, I love this fabric line of yours. I can see it and touch it at the Lakeland Expo next week. I shall visualize and make quick sketches and notes for the ideas the fabric brings to mind, and combinations of the fabrics that are stunning together. It will be something exciting to look forward to.

  63. I enjoy quilting and am interested in getting back to clothing design/construction. I look forward to seeing Amy”s fabrics at the Sewing Expo in Lakeland, FL

  64. Love Amy Butler Fabrics for quilting! These are beautiful. Looking forward to the expo!

  65. I love to sew and also now a new quilter. I also make bags and bowls and Omiage. Lately I”ve been working on the Farmers Wife Quilt.

  66. I absolutely LOVE Amy Butler, patterns, cottons and now other types of fabrics. WooHoo!!! It”s about time AMY! I am so glad that you are using voile, linen and rayon which is right up my alley. I am a sewist of garmets and love your patterns but the cotton fabrics, don”t work for my flowing garments, so now I am in heaven and can wear your beautiful patterns on my clothes. I would love to win your fabric giveaway!!!