Alchemy – A New Collection from Amy Butler

We are so excited to feature Amy Butler and her new Alchemy collection for our blog! Enjoy!

I am so grateful to have this opportunity to share with you about my new Alchemy fabric collections!  I love the whole process of designing my lines and at the same time thinking about new ways to have my collections work for my sewing friends. When I think about what my sewists need,  it’s passionate color, beautiful prints and lots of versatility in materials and types of fabrics to sew with. There’s a massive jump happening in our sewing world and we are all hungry to work on all kinds of sewing projects like fashion garments , home decor pieces, quilts, bags & accessories and all kinds of fabric crafts!  No surprise.. my full range of Alchemy substrates aims to meet all of these needs. I consciously kept the total number of fabrics smaller and concentrated for this collection so it’s easier for my sewists to mix and match prints and fabrics weights so customizing their projects would be fun and creative.  My goal was to design in total versatility, beauty and ease. Where can you find my Alchemy Studio collection?- at independent quilt and fabric shops worldwide! It’s here where you can have an amazing supportive and creative experience and find the highest quality education and materials.

Another fun piece in the creative process for me is coming up with new ways to share inspiration and ideas, this is one of the key reasons I created my “Blossom Magazine” & “Blossom Club”  so they could be a resource that offers you tons of creative opportunities and to be a voice that supports your heart and soul’s creative nudges… a way for all of us to connect and share about the things we value most and the things that call our passion forward. The other ingredient in the creative process that I love is story telling with my photography and marketing to give loads of ideas on what you can do with my fabrics. I know this is an important piece, it’s the emotive element that hits home and gets us all excited to create! I love it because it’s another way for me to express my vision and ideas and how I want people to experience the materials and I know it’s a great jumping off point that ignites quality creative time.

Here’s a link to my “Blossom Magazine”!

Now I’d love to ” tour” you through my Alchemy Collections! For an extensive and fun tour from me in my Fall Quilt Market Booth, check out my YouTube video here that gives you my personal first hand descriptions and inspirations for all of my Alchemy substrates.

MY ALCHEMY QUILTING AND FASHION – 12 prints total and completely yummy for all kinds of quilting and sewing projects!  I designed Alchemy around the idea of transformation, and infusing elements of nature with exciting color and vivid graphic stories. My vision is to achieve a lovely chemistry of print, color, and texture. I love using my quilting fabrics for everything! The idea of multiple uses really feeds into the versatility concept and provides unlimited ideas and inspirations. I really am that girl that loves to make everything under the sun.. quilts, fashion accessories and home decor projects. It’s really how we all live and what we all love. So much fun!  You can check out my full range here!

Top Left – Free Alchemy Pillow pattern
Top pillow in stack – The Liberty Book of Home Sewing 
Bottom pillows in stack – Honey Bun Poufs

Middle Pillow – Free Alchemy pattern
Bottom Pillow –  The Liberty Book of Home Sewing 
Left Pillow – Free Alchemy pattern –

Gypsy Sling

Honey Bun Pouf 

Weekender Travel Bag 

Free Alchemy Quilt –
Honey Bun Poufs
Gumdrop Pillows

The Swing Bag by Amy Butler

The Birdie Sling

The Weekender Bag

The Spice Market Tote

The Gypsy Sling

AND… please be sure to enjoy my FREE quilt and pillow patterns!




See Amy’s new fabric at the Expo!

  • Fashion Show – Garments from some amazing designers grace the runway at noon each day.  In Atlanta, Lakeland, Schaumburg, Baltimore and Raleigh.
  • The Spot – join us to mix and match Amy’s great prints and fabric types in infinity scarves! In Atlanta, Lakeland, Cleveland, Schaumburg, Worcester, Baltimore and Raleigh.

One thought on “Alchemy – A New Collection from Amy Butler

  1. I am trying to make a post for the fabric giveaway at the expo. I sew anything and everything and love, love, love textile of all types. I love art quilting, fashion sewing, purse making, and wearable arts. Your fabric looks so silky and light I can”t wait to see it at the expo.

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