[Re]Introducing: Linda Lee!

Original Sewing & Quilt Expo is welcoming back Linda Lee of The Sewing Workshop to the shows this year!

Linda will be in Atlanta and Chicago this spring, and will be featuring some of her new ideas and product that she has been working on.

One of the main products being her new SewConfident! Program!


Wait. Sewing classes on a flash drive? What?

Yep, downloadable tutorials on a handy flash drive, ready to use on your computer, iPad, Kindle or other portable device.

SewConfident! is Linda’s new way of teaching people at any skill level to sew and look at patterns in a different way. These are timeless techniques that she has honed to perfection and is presenting them in a  fun way that people can access the information at their own leisure.

These monthly classes are emailed to you and include things like:

  • How-To Tutorials
  • Step-by-step format
  • Fitting Tips
  • Pattern variation suggestions (The Trio Tee turns into The Swing Tee)
  • Sewing Fun Tank Tops!
  • Inserting Invisible Zippers (eeek!)
  • Sewing with Linen on the Nine Lives Vest
  • Sewing with Silks on the Stella Top
  •  Even sewing with fabrics like crinkles, gauzes and lace!
Linda will be teaching a variety of classes in Atlanta and Chicago, including Tanks Again, Downtown Bags, Sewing with Silks, and Building A Core Wardrobe. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced seamstress, Linda’s years of skill speak to foundational principals at any level! And, she will of course have a booth featuring her esteemed pattern collection, fabrics, kits, and of course, SewConfident!



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