More UFOs!

Variety is the spice of life and our staff dabbles in all kinds of stitchy projects.

Kari is an accomplished doll maker.  Like quilts and garments, dolls take time to construct too and they can creep into the UFO category.

It’s amazing how Kari manipulates the fabric to create this expressive face.

As Kari works towards finishing her dolls, Liz is knitting away on a great hat.  The yarn is leftover from a cozy sweater that Liz wears on cold days, and soon she’ll be so chic with a hat to match!

Liz is also in the midst of making a pink blouse with some pink cotton sateen.  She even had enough fabric left over to make some house blocks for a project she’s working on with her quilting group.

All this pink and red, will Liz be done by Valentine’s Day?  When will Kari finish the dolls?  Keep sewing Liz and Kari!

5 thoughts on “More UFOs!

  1. You all are so talented and it shows. Keep up the good work, but I still think I top the UFO”s. Soon to tackle them. No new fabric until I use some of my resource center.

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