UFOs – We all have them!

The initial rush of starting a project is ohh-so-exciting!  Sometimes you just can’t stop, and sometimes, well weeks, months, even years can fly by before you make your way back to finish it.  Unfinished objects, lovingly referred to as UFOs by quilters, sewers, and crafters alike are everywhere…

Just around our office we discovered many projects waiting patiently to be finished.  Over the next few days, you’ll see a sampling of the projects that haunt us!

Cindy is almost finished with a great batik apron.  In fact, it even looks finished in this picture, but the bib and apron aren’t sewn together just yet…

And, why sew just one apron?  Cindy has three others started!

The ruffled edge is a great detail.

While Lynn may have an abundance of UFOs, she is very organized with this tote labeled and ready for a rainy day, or week!

Lynn’s oldest UFO is from a few years back.  A friend gave her embroidered flower blocks as a wedding present. Lynn pieced the blocks together and dreamed of using similar flowers out as the quilting motif.  Now, Lynn has all the tools to digitize this design and finish the quilt!

Who will finish their project first, Cindy or Lynn?  What UFOs are you hiding?

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