What Connie has to say about Cuddle

Connie Palmer is a legend in the Martha Pullen world and we have the pleasure of having her teach for us this year, and she’ll be teaching a Cuddle Blanket Workshop that features a pre-cut kit from one of our amazing sponsors, Shannon Fabrics!

What does Connie have to say about working with those tricky plush fabric? Here’s some great pointers:

  •  Use a large needle – 100 / 110 if needed, and be sure to use good thread, preferably polyester, not cotton.
  • Use Press N’Seal® on one side so that the nap stays more flat
  • Try to be sure to not cut the furry part, but cut the reverse side so that, as Connie says it, “you don’t have to think as much!”
  • Fun trick: You can put batting in between the plush materials to make it more padded!

Connie says she loves this specific project because it challenges you which allows you to be more creative. This is not everyday work – it’s FUN!

Here’s a picture of what you can expect to make in the Cuddle Blanket Workshop:


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More from Shannon Fabrics:
Check out their website at http://www.shannonfabrics.com!

Hey Atlanta, we’ll see you this week!

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