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Welcome new Expo faculty Member, Kaye Koler of SewHappy Quilting in Cleveland this Spring. Her classes include:

Make Mini Mini! BYOF
Tee Shirt Quilts the Easy Way
Tee Shirt Quilts the Easy Way: The Workshop BYOF

What’s Kaye working on currently? Read more to find out!

I decided to get my much loved, 1923 Singer “Annie” hand crank machine dusted off and hummin’! And yes, I name my machines!

HC 2

Currently I’m working on a log cabin project started a few years ago stitched entirely on this beautiful machine.  Annie’s decal is a Memphis Sphinx… especially fitting since I was born in Memphis, TN! Actually this old machine is just one in my whittled down collection. I use a treadle, featherweight, a 404, 185J among others.  I’ll choose a project and complete it using one of them.

HC 1

At one time I had at least one machine from each decade beginning in 1900. Now, I’m down to just a few, but love them all for their simplicity and the absolutely beautiful stitch they make. After all, that is what they were made for….straight stitching! It always brings me great joy to sit down behind one of them electric or not and wonder about the lives of the women in past who used them and what they created with them. It somehow connects this old soul with the past.

SewHappy and see you in Cleveland!

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