See Indygo Junction in 2015!

2015 has really started off with a bang over here at Indygo Junction. Our main focus for the last few months has been designing new patterns for our 2015 release. For months we have been creating and refining our pattern designs. The process usually begins when I find inspiration for a new pattern. It could be seeing a designer bag in a magazine, a vintage piece that I picked up at an antique store, or finding a product to fill a need. For instance, our Micro-Safe Hot Holder pattern was designed because we all had the same problem of burning our hands when we took dishes out of the microwave.


I meet with my design team and we go over all the ideas for new patterns. Together we decide which designs we really love, and which we think our customers will love. Then we start on the initial samples. There are usually 2 or 3 mock ups made between the initial sample and finished product. Each new sample is refining the design. Should this band be a little smaller? Is the strap the right length? We also take the time to test the design using different fabrics. Quilting cotton of course, but what about voiles and rayons for garments? Or maybe we should try that purse in wools? This way, when we have our final design, we know just how the pattern will work for the customer.


We also really enjoy working with licensed designers. Some, like Mary Ann Donze and Jerilynn Lijewski have been designing for us for years and have created some beautiful patterns for us. Mary Ann is an incredibly talented garment designer and has created some of my favorite patterns. The Cutting Edge Jacket and the Urban Tunic are both Mary Ann designs that are staples in my personal wardrobe.

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Our best-selling garment pattern, The Modern Silhouette Vest is a Mary Ann design. She has a knack for creating garments that are flattering and fashion forward.


Jerilynn has a special talent for incorporating fun techniques into her designs. Her patterns inspire sewers to learn more about their sewing machine and take advantage of the decorative stitches offered. The Stitched Top Tote is a great example of that.This simple tulip shaped tote is taken to the next level with the Scandinavian inspired stitching on the band.


The Store and Go Zipper Case, one of our best-selling patterns, uses the circular attachment for sewing machines to create a jewelry or sewing tool pouch. So clever!



I am looking forward to sharing with you everything we are working on. I hope you will come visit me at the Sew Expo show in Lakeland, Florida and Cleveland, Ohio where I will be emceeing The Magic Pattern Fashion Show. Hope to see you soon!

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